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I have passed my driving test today with the help of Denise. I was very anxious and nervous about restarting driving lessons, after failing three tests. I really hated driving and I was starting to think I would never pass.


Denise is calm, caring and very supportive. She was very patient with me and provided constructive feedback. I learnt that I was previously not ready for test. We were able to go back to basics; she helped me to progress as a driver, put me at ease during lessons and fix previous bad habits I had picked up. She has built my self confidence and driving ability massively over the last couple of months and I am hugely grateful. I felt that I was able to learn at a pace which suited me and I now feel much more comfortable in the car.


I highly recommend her driving school, especially those that feel really nervous about driving or if you've had a bad experience in the past. I'm looking forward to completing my Pass Plus in the new year, including a drive to Devon! I'm hoping this will further my driving ability and confidence as a new driver.


Denise is one of the most amazing women I've met.


I moved to Bristol a couple of years ago and wanted to start driving lesson again, having gone through a few previous instructors 5/6 years prior.


I looked forward to my lessons with Denise, not only because I enjoyed the driving lesson itself but her personality is on another level! She made the lessons so much more fun than what I've know, and I love driving because of her. She is such a bubbly, patient and friendly soul. The amount of times I panicked?! She calmed me right down.


She made sure that I was absolutely ready to pass the test, and I did first time. She came with me for support, made me laugh on the way in as I was so nervous. Quietest I'd ever heard her and she disappeared behind the back seat! Being a teacher, I needed lessons to adapt to my timetable and she was just amazing. I'll be forever grateful for her help and expertise. She has got to be the best driving instructor going.


If you want someone to tell you straight when you're wrong, have banter, make you laugh and enjoy the lessons - Denise is perfect for you. I couldn't highly recommend her more!


Thank you so much to Denise for helping me pass my driving test!


I originally failed my test whilst being taught from a different driving school that did not work for me at all. When I came to Denise, I was nervous, lacking confidence and hated driving. Denise made driving lessons enjoyable, fun and taught me how to be confident behind the wheel.


I struggle with anxiety and nervousness but Denise’s calm friendly approach put me at ease in my lessons and on my test as she offered to come with me to provide support and feedback after. During the test, I didn’t even notice she was there as she kept herself tucked behind me and then was very supportive after providing additional feedback the examiner missed.


I would not have passed without Denise’s teaching and expertise. Denise is very adaptive and always structured the lessons around where I needed the most practice even if that involved parallel parking 100 times! I am very grateful to her as she helped me get this massive life achievement and helped me actually enjoy driving!! She is a very talented instructor and I feel very lucky to have been taught by her.

Anjelah Bala

I found Denise to be a very knowledgeable and supportive instructor and exactly what I needed after a bad experience with a previous instructor. She held me to high standards and this resulted in me passing first time with only two minor faults. I'd definitely recommend Denise if you're currently looking for an instructor.

Malcolm McGookin

I passed my test first time thanks to Denise. I was an unconfident and reluctant driver but Denise really put me at ease and showed me that I could do it. Her calm manner and bubbly personality meant that I actually enjoyed learning to drive, even though I hated it before I met Denise! I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Thank you so much for getting me from being completely hopeless to passing my driving test! I still can't believe it!! Looking forward to doing the pass plus this weekend :) 


Thank you so much Denise! When I started driving I had no confidence and hated driving. Now, I have just passed my test and am a happy, confident driver. You made me believe that I could do it! Can't recommend Denise highly enough!


I was a very nervous driver and had failed to pass my test with two previous instructors. Denise was very patient and understanding, and knew exactly what to say to calm my nerves. She also has a fantastic sense of humour and is ideal for learners who have picked up bad habits from other instructors. I passed my driving test finally and am now a calm, much safer driver!


Having not driven for fifteen years I recently had refresher driving lessons with Denise. I was a bit nervous but Denise was friendly, patient and made me feel relaxed, we took things at my pace and nothing was ever to much trouble. She always arrived on time and never cancelled. I would recommend her to anyone.


It’s the best feeling in the world passing your driving test and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Denise. I Came to Bristol in October and immediately started lessons with Denise I had no idea as to what drivers were like in Bristol, what the roads were like and what type of car I would be driving. Denise gave me the confidence and knowledge to have control over all of these and brought my rally driving antics to a standard of perfection. 

She made driving lessons fun and enjoyable, as she was calm and patient with me even if I had to do a left reverse ten times over there was support and encouragement each time. I would look forward to my lessons. I would definitely recommend Denise to anyone looking for a teacher of excellence. By December I was ready to take my test and passed first time.


I felt apprehensive and nervous about learning to drive before I had my first lesson. Denise quickly put me at ease and was very patient and understanding as she taught me to drive. There were times whenI lacked confidence and made mistakes but Denise always had faith in me. Gradually my driving improved and I am happy to say that when I took my test I passed first time - thanks to Denise!


I started my lessons on 13th January and I had no idea how to drive, Denise is a young, fresh and exciting Driving Instructor, who in my opinion I would recommend to anyone / everyone. Denise will make you feel right at ease and unlike other driving schools, Denise uses an easier way of teaching manoeuvres and teaching you them quickly. I have passed my car test on my first attempt on the 17/07/07 and I had only 1 minor fault. So thank you Denise for all of your time and effort. I am pleased to have become the ((8th)) pupil to have passed their test in a row with you, which is a very impressive statistic.


I passed first time with Denise. Her teaching methods are relaxed and confidence-building and she has some great simple techniques for mastering the essential skills you'll need to pass your test.


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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and the testimonials you can read here are just a small portion of the excellent customer reviews we've had. 

Nervous driver? Unsure what level of instruction you need? Looking for a female instructor? You're in safe hands.

Whether you're totally new to driving or need a refresher, pass plus or motorway course, we are here to help. 

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